Getting Affordable SEO Service Options for Your Domains

October 24th, 2014

One thing that is immensely important when you have an online business is finding affordable SEO service that provides excellent results. If you have ever used the services of a Search Engine Optimization specialist, you know how pricey it can get. Then the results you think you are getting can be lost in trying to figure out all of the data they throw at you that is supposed to tell you how your websites are performing. I decided to take a close look at what I was getting for my SEO dollars and went with an option that does not kill my profit margin.

Is good SEO highly technical and involved for those who provide the service? It certainly is. Read the rest of this entry »


Using Video Ads That Automatically Begin to Play to Generate Website Video

June 29th, 2016

Website ads have evolved over the years. I remember the first banner ads that came out. They were rudimentary but new, so people started to click on them. It was those clicks that lead to pay per click and clickthrough revenue generation from advertisements on websites. It was like a light bulb lighting up over the heads of marketers where they noticed that people on websites could be enticed to look at advertising. Now we have services such as outstream video ads that make video advertising on websites much more useful. The video ads only begin to actually play when a viewer scrolls enough so the video is on the screen. Read the rest of this entry »


Started to Work on the New Campaign

May 1st, 2015

I have started working on the boss’ new idea this morning, but of course it revolves a lot around the fact that he has a very attractive young girlfriend. Of course I do not blame the guy for being infatuated with this girl, she is 10 or 12 years younger than him and pretty much a knockout. At any rate she is definitely attractive enough to be a model and so he is using her in a campaign. We do not think we shall have to buy instagram comments because we came up with something which is going to hopefully attract attention and it is hoped that it is going to be largely positive. Read the rest of this entry »


The SEO Consultants in Cape Town Got Us Back on Top with the Search Engine Results

January 14th, 2015

Having a web domain can be rewarding or frustrating. If it is making you money by having a lot of unique traffic each day, then it is rewarding. If it is languishing in the bottom of the search page results, it is frustrating. I was not sure what happened to our web domain. We were doing well with SEO. Then it seems we practically got delisted! We had not made any changes on our end, so it had to be the algorithm that the search engines used. I looked for SEO consultants in Cape Town to help me figure it out.

For a long time I was reading up on how to have great web domain SEO and doing the work myself. I got great results when we first made our website. Read the rest of this entry »


Thinking About Whether or Not to Do a Contest

November 5th, 2014

Jack and I have started to wonder if we are smart enough to do social media market on our own or if we need to hire some professionals. Of course if you look around it is easy enough to find a place that claims that they can do this stuff, but I am not really sure what is what when it comes to this. For example I looked around and found a place called Panacea Social Media, obviously the are at We are going to talk to them and maybe some other people, just to feel them out and see what they say. It can not really hurt us to send them a few emails and let them try to convince us that they can do some stuff that will have an effect. Read the rest of this entry »


Choosing Michael Yon As Our Domain SEO Analyst

September 23rd, 2014

Affording SEO help can eat up a lot of your operating budget. The prices I got quoted for managing the SEO on my business website were just about ridiculous. This was a particularly troublesome problem for me just getting started with my online business. I needed a top ranking, but did not have the money to just throw at SEO hoping it would work. Then I found Michael Yon who is an SEO analyst. I needed someone who would actually take the time to learn my business and the people I wanted as customers. I wanted customers who would be with me for the long haul.

It takes a special knack to get the right demographic with your SEO. You really have to know the mindset of the people who are online putting in those search terms. Take for example a specialty product that might appeal to a very high class of people. Those customers might be more highly educated and use specific words or phrases in their search terms that other people just would not use. Read the rest of this entry »


Why Buy ReverbNation Plays for Esoteric Music Genres

August 31st, 2014

I really did not know what would happen when I decided to buy ReverbNation plays. I was involved in a strange class of music that I composed. My family and many of my friends just called it noise. It really was for those who have very particular tastes. I found that my style of music is liked by less than one percent of the population that I can find. You know how most people can hear a classical music piece and appreciate it to at least some degree even if they do not really like classical music? Well, that does not work with my style of music. It is really a like it or dislike it type of thing.

I remember the 1980s when some Punk bands got some mainstream exposure when they altered their style a bit to come up with a hit song that crossed over into other Rock genres. Read the rest of this entry »


Working on Some Promo Work

August 25th, 2014

I have been trying to get some real traction on the web, looking for ways to promote the music. I have been doing better here, but the colleges are mostly dead for the summer and I have been looking to get some real following on the world wide web. I have been looking at ways to get my mix tapes out on the web for real and looking at what you can buy from It looks a bit like it might not be legit, so I am not eager to jump in just yet. Of course I usually sell around thirty or forty mixtapes if I do a show. It might not be that profitable in the short term, because I basically give them away for a bit more than what I have in them. Read the rest of this entry »


Why Would You Buy Followers

July 16th, 2014

I can not claim to understand this, but I spent an hour and a half today in a meeting where we were talking about internet marketing and in particular Social Media Marketing. The guy we were talking to was telling us that we had options and that we might want to visit, as sort of a way to make it look like we were not starting from scratch even though we were. Of course we have been operating on the theory that it was just as well to not have twitter or instagram or those other things if we were not going to do it well. Read the rest of this entry »


Is It Safe to Buy Likes

February 16th, 2014

Several of my friends have started to buy instagram likes in order to achieve success with their profiles. I personally cannot help but feel that this is a terrible idea as it starts an unhealthy trend of paying for popularity in order to gain profit for the profile in question. Read the rest of this entry »


Started Working on My New Project

February 4th, 2014

Freeware For Us: Facebook 1.6 Free Blackberry ApplicationI am sort of doing some research for the company right now. It is a big complicated idea and it might not be really practical, especially as it involves using social media in some unique ways. That is a new field and I am looking at ways to get in touch with people and interact them in new ways. The first project is to find a way to get more followers, probably several hundred are needed to start with and they can not be people who will not participate at all. Obviously this is a difficult situation, because the idea is that you need people who are going to give you feedback in real time and thus they are going to help you be more responsive.


I Bought Instagram Followers to Become More Successful

January 25th, 2014

strategies get you more instagram followers fast click here to view ...I decorate weddings for a living. I not only create the centerpieces and floral arrangements but so much more too. I can create balloon sculptures as well as unique table decor, and I am known for the props such as columns and gazebos that I incorporate too. I have a lot of people asking me for pictures of my work, and that is why I started an Instagram account. I knew that I could end up getting more clients this way. I also knew when I first started it that I would need to buy instagram followers in order to be taken seriously.

Though my pictures speak for the kind of work I do, I knew that a lot of people wouldn’t even look through all of them if they saw I only had a handful of followers. In today’s business world, regardless if your company is big or small, it is a do or die mentality. Since I am already successful, I decided to take action and become even more successful than what I was. In order to do that, I had to have a lot of followers right from the start.


Learning About Different Marketing Types

January 22nd, 2014

Get More Twitter Followers Free NowOf course I was not really looking to get into this class. I was signing up for classes and I had the stuff that I needed. I had nearly gotten into a fight over the class I really needed, because it is only offered in this semester and if I did not get in the next chance would be in a year, when I hope to have graduated. I got in line and it turns out I am in a class where you learn how to get more twitter followers and that sort of thing. Of course if you have not guessed there were a lot of really good looking girls waiting in this line and I got in it to try to talk to them. Once I got to the front of the line I realized that the credit would help me get closer to graduation and it would likely be a pretty easy course for me to get a good grade in.


Buying Likes Was the Best Business Choice

December 18th, 2013


I Found Success with Online Marketing

November 23rd, 2013

Pandora Hearts fiche personnages - Mad Hatter and Black DiamondWhen I first started exploring different online options to make money, I learned a valuable lesson right away. There are a lot of companies and people who are there just to scam a person out of their money. Because of this, I have been very careful about the choices I make for my online work. I always research a new venture completely before I will commit to it, and that is just what I did when I first heard about pandora profits. This is simply a course that helps those who are interested in Internet marketing to know which methods will put them at the top of their game.

I read all kinds of reviews on this before I even started reading about the actual details. I wanted to make sure that other people were finding success with it before I invested any time of my own into it. I was happy to see that an overwhelming number of users were more than pleased with the help they have received from this course.


I Am Making Money from My Website Now

November 22nd, 2013

I have had a blog for quite a few years. I knew that I had a lot of people reading it, because I focused on home and personal security. Both topics garner a lot of attention, and I was happy to contribute my part to educating others on how to be better prepared for emergency situations. It was not until a friend talked to me about digital millionaire bootcamp that I realized that I was sitting on a potential gold mine. I knew there were people who were making money off of their websites, but I never knew the websites could be something like mine.

When he told me about the different marketing opportunities I was missing, I became interested in learning more. The main reason was because he told me how successful other people are with their blogs that don’t have nearly the amount of traffic that I have. He suggested that I look at the Digital Millionaire Bootcamp program to see if it was something I wanted to learn more about. I did just that, because I had been getting increasingly unhappy with my daytime job. If there was a way to supplement my income, it could mean the beginning of financial freedom for me.

It ended up becoming something much more than that though. I learned different aspects of marketing, and I knew that I wanted to apply what I learned to my own website. Even though I already had an impressive amount of readers, that number has gone up by leaps and bounds since I started implementing the marketing tips that I learned. It feels really good knowing that I am making the amount of money I am making right now simply doing something that I love. I am going to quit my daytime job soon and do this full time!


Only Hurts Big Businesses. So It’s Ok

November 21st, 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ServicesThe profit funnel system is a new marketing tool that essentially takes advantage of advertisers because the way that advertising works is that per view you get a small amount of money and one person does not count twice, so if you put in these intermediate sites that go between switching web pages it works out great. You can get paid twice for every visitor to your site. Essentially you just add in a redirect that puts them on a page for about five seconds before sending them to a real page. So you get to have this whole system and you can do it for as many websites as you want to. Each time you get paid twice.


Getting More Customers with a SEO Tool

November 19th, 2013

SEO,+search_engine_optimization,+search+engine+optimization.gifMonths ago I created a website for my business that sells custom made shoes. The shoes are regular tennis shoes that customers can customize by adding whatever designs they want. Once the design is chosen, the shoes are made to order and shipped to the customer. I was having some trouble getting more people to come to the website to buy shoes, so I turned to search engine optimization for help. I asked other business owners for suggestions and one told me to look for a profit funnel review, as it may help me find a good search engine optimization technique that will give me the customers I need.

For a website, search engine optimization is necessary, as it allows more people to find the website using a search engine, meaning that the chances of people buying products on a website increases. In order to get a higher placement in search engines, I needed to use certain keywords that most people search for when looking for what my website offers, which is shoes in this case. Profit funnel is a tool that aids in the use of keywords for search engine optimization.

I wasn’t just going to use anything for my website without seeing if it’s legitimate and actually works, so I looked for reviews on Profit funnel on the Internet. The reviews of it seemed pretty favorable, so I decided to use it. I was prepared to take a chance on the tool, knowing that it would possibly produce great results for my business.

The use of Profit funnel for my search engine optimization worked perfectly. Its implementation caused more people to flock to my website and buy multiple pairs of shoes. Many of the customers left feedback saying that they found my website from web searches and that they were glad that they were able to find it.


I Am Making Money Online

November 16th, 2013

make money affiliate marketing How to make money affiliate marketing ...The first time I heard of the program dollars on demand, I wasn’t even sure what it was. I just knew that I liked the name and what it stood for, so I naturally wanted to find out more. I had been trying to find ways to increase my earnings, and I knew that the online world had a seemingly endless amount of possibilities to do just that. I didn’t want to do anything that didn’t agree with my values though, which is why I was really pleased to discover this program.

Marketing is an important part of any business. Without it, there is very little chance of success. This is true whether a business venture is online or not.


The Reasons Why I Use Link Emperor

April 19th, 2013

Emperor of Mankind WIP 1 by ~n00brevolution on deviantARTI have been using Link Emperor to build my website ranking. The big search engines are always changing, or at least threatening to change, their algorithms. Backlinks to a website are a great way to improve a rank in search engine results. The backlinks are simply websites that have links to other websites. The quality of the websites providing the backlinks is taken into consideration by the search engine. If a website that is listing backlinks is deemed to be a high quality site, then the backlinks pay off in moving up the websites listed in those links in the search engine results.

A major issue is losing the effectiveness of all the work put into building the links overnight if a search engine algorithm changes.