Choosing Michael Yon As Our Domain SEO Analyst

Affording SEO help can eat up a lot of your operating budget. The prices I got quoted for managing the SEO on my business website were just about ridiculous. This was a particularly troublesome problem for me just getting started with my online business. I needed a top ranking, but did not have the money to just throw at SEO hoping it would work. Then I found Michael Yon who is an SEO analyst. I needed someone who would actually take the time to learn my business and the people I wanted as customers. I wanted customers who would be with me for the long haul.

It takes a special knack to get the right demographic with your SEO. You really have to know the mindset of the people who are online putting in those search terms. Take for example a specialty product that might appeal to a very high class of people. Those customers might be more highly educated and use specific words or phrases in their search terms that other people just would not use. If you are going after that demographic, you need to key your SEO to match how it is they search. My customers are just regular folks, but they do tend to have a unique vocabulary of their own. I needed the SEO analyst to notice this and use it in adjusting my website’s SEO.

You cannot just assume the words anyone would use to search for something. My British cousin likes to say “auto” instead of “car.” He lives in the United States, but still has the British manner of speech. If I was targeting his type of demographic exclusively for cars, I would use the words he is likely to search for. You get it now? That is why I needed someone like Michael Yon to help me with my web domain’s SEO.


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