I Am Making Money from My Website Now

I have had a blog for quite a few years. I knew that I had a lot of people reading it, because I focused on home and personal security. Both topics garner a lot of attention, and I was happy to contribute my part to educating others on how to be better prepared for emergency situations. It was not until a friend talked to me about digital millionaire bootcamp that I realized that I was sitting on a potential gold mine. I knew there were people who were making money off of their websites, but I never knew the websites could be something like mine.

When he told me about the different marketing opportunities I was missing, I became interested in learning more. The main reason was because he told me how successful other people are with their blogs that don’t have nearly the amount of traffic that I have. He suggested that I look at the Digital Millionaire Bootcamp program to see if it was something I wanted to learn more about. I did just that, because I had been getting increasingly unhappy with my daytime job. If there was a way to supplement my income, it could mean the beginning of financial freedom for me.

It ended up becoming something much more than that though. I learned different aspects of marketing, and I knew that I wanted to apply what I learned to my own website. Even though I already had an impressive amount of readers, that number has gone up by leaps and bounds since I started implementing the marketing tips that I learned. It feels really good knowing that I am making the amount of money I am making right now simply doing something that I love. I am going to quit my daytime job soon and do this full time!


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