Is It Safe to Buy Likes

Several of my friends have started to buy instagram likes in order to achieve success with their profiles. I personally cannot help but feel that this is a terrible idea as it starts an unhealthy trend of paying for popularity in order to gain profit for the profile in question. While I use my own profile in order to push out content from my other social media profiles along with my blog, I have always avoided buying likes, subscribers and followers on any of them simply because if an individual is caught doing so, it very well could lead to the profile in question becoming banned from that particular service if doing so breaks any of the Terms of Service agreements that a user signs before becoming a member. It is important to remember that a profile is at the whim of the service, even if that profile is part of Facebook or YouTube.

YouTube is especially picky about what can and cannot be within a video. They utilize automated bots that have access to databases with content that has been claimed by any particular individual or group, allowing nearly anyone to lay Intellectual Property to anything that has not been used before. Imagine this; you’re a well known channel owner and one of your videos was used in a live news report. That news channel therefore could lay claim to your video as being a part of the news report which would cause the bot to simply yank your video, despite the fact that it was entirely unique content created by you and you alone. This is a problem that has arisen time and time again. Buying followers is even more strictly watched for across the social media platforms so caution has to be used when and if you decide to do so.


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