Started to Work on the New Campaign

I have started working on the boss’ new idea this morning, but of course it revolves a lot around the fact that he has a very attractive young girlfriend. Of course I do not blame the guy for being infatuated with this girl, she is 10 or 12 years younger than him and pretty much a knockout. At any rate she is definitely attractive enough to be a model and so he is using her in a campaign. We do not think we shall have to buy instagram comments because we came up with something which is going to hopefully attract attention and it is hoped that it is going to be largely positive. Of course we are expecting a bit of blowback, because there are going to be some people offended by this idea and it is supposed to be mildly confrontational. Of course we do not want to make a lot of people mad, but we are willing to risk irritating a few people in order to get attention.

Of course the more sophisticated consumer is going to see through the game. It is not an original idea, but it is something we picked up from other campaigns. I am not sure whether or not it began on purpose, but of course you can easily offend the narrow minded. They are forced to respond with ugly ideas and that is going to get you more attention. It is not as though it is easy to do it, because you have to be balanced. You can not go full tilt askew with your plan. You have to employ just enough subtlety so that you have some cover. You can not make it obvious to any fool that you are trolling for idiotic response. Of course the people who go for the bait are easy enough to fool.


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