The SEO Consultants in Cape Town Got Us Back on Top with the Search Engine Results

Having a web domain can be rewarding or frustrating. If it is making you money by having a lot of unique traffic each day, then it is rewarding. If it is languishing in the bottom of the search page results, it is frustrating. I was not sure what happened to our web domain. We were doing well with SEO. Then it seems we practically got delisted! We had not made any changes on our end, so it had to be the algorithm that the search engines used. I looked for SEO consultants in Cape Town to help me figure it out.

For a long time I was reading up on how to have great web domain SEO and doing the work myself. I got great results when we first made our website. We built it using content that fit perfectly with what our demographic was searching for on the Internet. By the first quarter of its release, we were in the top three results for most of the relevant search terms. By the third quarter of that first year we were at the top. Then things changed. We dropped low in the rankings. I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

The SEO consultants in Cape Town found and corrected the problems quickly. It had to do with advertising on our site and the actual content of some of our pages. They advised us that the search engine companies regularly update their algorithms to weed out spam sites. Some content on our domain appeared to the new algorithms to be spam. They said it was happening with a lot of domains, and they fixed it. This is when I learned it was very valuable to have a great SEO team on your side to check out websites you rely on to earn a living.


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