Thinking About Whether or Not to Do a Contest

Jack and I have started to wonder if we are smart enough to do social media market on our own or if we need to hire some professionals. Of course if you look around it is easy enough to find a place that claims that they can do this stuff, but I am not really sure what is what when it comes to this. For example I looked around and found a place called Panacea Social Media, obviously the are at We are going to talk to them and maybe some other people, just to feel them out and see what they say. It can not really hurt us to send them a few emails and let them try to convince us that they can do some stuff that will have an effect. Of course we want to think that we are smart enough to pull this stuff off on our own and in theory it is not too hard, if you come up with a good idea and then you execute it.

We are thinking about whether or not to do a contest, because you know people like free stuff. I would love some free stuff. Ed McMahon is gone, but once I used to hope that he would come knocking on my door with one of those huge checks from the Publisher’s Clearing House. The trick is to find something you can afford to give away and I am thinking that perhaps I can find some company that wants to go partners with me. Obviously you would put their logo on the contest, if you had a car to give away it would look a whole lot like a car ad and it would get attention for both your contest and the car itself. Of course Ford probably isn’t going to give away a car for my benefit.


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