Using Video Ads That Automatically Begin to Play to Generate Website Video

Website ads have evolved over the years. I remember the first banner ads that came out. They were rudimentary but new, so people started to click on them. It was those clicks that lead to pay per click and clickthrough revenue generation from advertisements on websites. It was like a light bulb lighting up over the heads of marketers where they noticed that people on websites could be enticed to look at advertising. Now we have services such as outstream video ads that make video advertising on websites much more useful. The video ads only begin to actually play when a viewer scrolls enough so the video is on the screen. This way advertisers know that the ads are being noticed by those perusing the other content on the site.

I like to advertise on websites and blogs, but I do expect a certain level of return for my ads if I am going to keep on paying for the space on websites where my advertisements appear. The OutStream videos are helpful in that the player detects when to automatically display the video advertisements when the user scrolls into them. Then, if they click through, you can increase your portion you pay for those who are letting you advertise on their websites. I also like video in that it can really get the message across so much better than any static advertisement banner ever could on any website. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth ten thousand of them.

I pick prime advertising space about 1/3 of the way down a webpage. When a user scrolls to more content on the page, my advertising video begins to automatically play in their web browser. A creative and tasteful ad can net a lot of enthusiasm for your business, and OutStream helps me with that.


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