Why Buy ReverbNation Plays for Esoteric Music Genres

I really did not know what would happen when I decided to buy ReverbNation plays. I was involved in a strange class of music that I composed. My family and many of my friends just called it noise. It really was for those who have very particular tastes. I found that my style of music is liked by less than one percent of the population that I can find. You know how most people can hear a classical music piece and appreciate it to at least some degree even if they do not really like classical music? Well, that does not work with my style of music. It is really a like it or dislike it type of thing.

I remember the 1980s when some Punk bands got some mainstream exposure when they altered their style a bit to come up with a hit song that crossed over into other Rock genres. I know people who like Heavy Metal but who also listen to contemporary Country music too. Not my brand of music. If you cannot understand the underlying rhythms either intuitively or by being taught by an experienced fan, you pretty much will not like it. This is why mass exposure can be helpful to this type of music when you are trying to make a buck.

If only one percent of music aficionados like it, then it will take 10,000 plays by different listeners to get 100 people who like it. Now the same numbers for fans of, let’s say, Country music may have 20 percent or more who like a new song. That is 2,000 versus the 100 in that sampling. This is why I like to buy ReverbNation plays. It helps me get exposure to much more music listeners than relying on other methods I had been trying. This is how I find the fans that will buy my music so I can keep on making more.


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