Why Would You Buy Followers

I can not claim to understand this, but I spent an hour and a half today in a meeting where we were talking about internet marketing and in particular Social Media Marketing. The guy we were talking to was telling us that we had options and that we might want to visit http://buytwitternow.net, as sort of a way to make it look like we were not starting from scratch even though we were. Of course we have been operating on the theory that it was just as well to not have twitter or instagram or those other things if we were not going to do it well. As one of the young guys in the office said we would be better off having no twitter than to have one that was lame. If you have no twitter people think that you are too busy for it and they do not care. If you have one that stinks, then they think that you are not any good at it and thus you might not be any good at the thing they are paying you to do.

In fact it is not all that relevant to people who have dealt with you and know what you are about, or even people who are coming to you based on a referral. That is the golden type of marketing, when your buddy tells you that Red down at Standard Widget is the guy who knows widgets better than any other guy, he is a real stand up guy who delivers what he promises. There is nothing better than that, but you can rarely do that on the internet and no one trusts that sort of thing on line at any rate. They assume that some company paid you to say that Red was great.


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