Working on Some Promo Work

I have been trying to get some real traction on the web, looking for ways to promote the music. I have been doing better here, but the colleges are mostly dead for the summer and I have been looking to get some real following on the world wide web. I have been looking at ways to get my mix tapes out on the web for real and looking at what you can buy from It looks a bit like it might not be legit, so I am not eager to jump in just yet. Of course I usually sell around thirty or forty mixtapes if I do a show. It might not be that profitable in the short term, because I basically give them away for a bit more than what I have in them. I guess that I could probably find some person or company who would be able to the duplication for me cheaply and easily, but for now I have a jury rigged CD duplicator that a friend of mine built.

It has six cd burners on it and they operate fairly well. Of course you can put around a hundred and twenty minutes of uncompressed music on a CD. We have less than a quarter that much music on a normal mix tape. It might have some more stuff on it, chatter where I am talking to the guy who helps me make the CD. It is never that much added on, although at times I record live from shows I do at parties and those are full shows that take on the entire disc. So it takes a lot longer to burn those types of discs. The normal short mix tapes only take around five minutes to burn, but that is still a real pain to produce.


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